40 Strange But Brilliant Vaseline Hacks That More People Should Be Aware Of

Did you know that you can do some truly amazing things with Vaseline around your house? Yep, the thick, gelatinous gel could help you solve plenty of annoying problems. What if we told you that it could be used to repel an ant invasion or remove makeup stains? Well, it turns out that isn’t even the half of it. Join us as we explore some of the weird and wonderful ways to use Vaseline at home!

40. Fixing your manicure

Don’t you just hate it when nail polish gets on the surrounding skin? Well, that issue can apparently be swerved by dabbing a bit of Vaseline over the area first. That way, the polish won’t stick to the places it shouldn’t. And that’s not all. As chemistry expert David Petrillo told the Byrdie website, “Petroleum jelly can be a great solution to fixing dry nail beds and cuticles by speeding up the healing process.”

39. Razor hack

Are you looking to save some money on razors? Well, this is definitely the hack for you. Just grab the tool from your bathroom cabinet and apply a touch of Vaseline to the metal edges, Homehacks says. Apparently, the gel will revitalize each blade. But whatever you do, don’t try this on a wet razor. That’s a surefire way to make it rusty!

38. Lubricate your screws

Working with screws should be fairly simple, right? Then again, that’s not always the case – especially if nuts get stuck in the middle of the screw. Instead of throwing it away in frustration, though, you could take this advice from the Home Invention YouTube channel. Apparently, you just have to dip the metal object into the jelly to give it the lubrication it needs.

37. Help dry heels

A long day on a sandy beach can wreak havoc with your feet – leaving them dry as a bone. Yet according to Seventeen, you can add some much-needed moisture back to them thanks to Vaseline. All you’ve got to do is rub the gel across each foot in the evening and stick on a pair of frizzy socks. By the morning, they’ll be as smooth as a baby’s bottom!