40 Fashion Mistakes That Are Aging You Too Much

Picking out clothes and accessories isn't for the faint of heart. It's easy to get overwhelmed by all kinds of thoughts: is this on trend? Does it suit me? Am I too old to wear it? Or does it actually make me look older than I am? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Although being comfortable and feeling confident in your clothes are the only things you really need to look beautiful, a few fashion tips couldn't hurt, right? We're here to put those annoying insecurities to rest with just a few quick tips!

40. Bold frames for bold ladies

Finding the right pair of glasses can be a bit of a challenge, but those trips to the eye doctor are worth it in the end. Then again, if you don’t want the specs to age you, it might be an idea to avoid slim frames. As per Best Life, bold frames will do a better job accentuating your facial features.

39. Brooches are beautifully vintage

Are you a fan of pins and brooches? Unfortunately, sporting one of those items just below the collar of your coat can make you look older. Sure, it was a fashionable choice in the long-distant past – but not now. You're better off admiring them from afar, at least until they come back into style.

38. Embrace your new figure

As we get older, our body shape changes right along with us. If you're struggling to dress your new shape, then try to embrace your new proportions! It’s simple: on the days you want to sport a baggy shirt, Best Life recommends grabbing a form-fitting item for your lower half, and vice-versa. You see, proportionate dressing will keep eyes on the areas you're more comfortable with.

37. Some alternatives to capris

Stuck in the category of not quite shorts or trousers, capris are a sure-fire way to add unwanted years to your look. According to Daily Fashion Muse, they’re a big hit with ladies who are 50 and above. Instead, the website notes that “structured pants” worn with fashionable trainers is a much better alternative today.