40 Genius Life Hacks That Will Get You Food And Stuff For Free

In this day and age, we’re all constantly searching for methods of stretching every dollar that little bit further. Luckily, there are a myriad of ways to do just that and even some ways of picking up great items for free. In truth, you may be shocked at just what you can get in this life without paying a cent. Here are 40 genius life hacks that will get you food and stuff for free.

40. Become a mystery shopper

Many restaurants are eager to find out how well they are serving their customers, so they will hire mystery shoppers to visit them. These secret customers will evaluate the food, waiting staff, ambience and so on and fill out a survey. The diner will be paid for his or her trouble, which means they eat for free and make some cash into the bargain. A website called volition.com is a good starting point for finding legitimate mystery shopping companies to which you can apply.

39. Use coupons

Lots of people use coupons to get great discounts on items in stores and online. But did you know there are also plenty of coupons out there that can be redeemed for free food? Keep an eye out in newspapers, e-mail newsletters and coupon apps, and you could get a free meal from your favorite local restaurant or snag free items the next time you hit the grocery store. Coupons Plus Deals is a great website to check out too.

38. Offer to help someone with their vegetable patch for a cut

Vegetables mightn’t be the most expensive thing in the grocery store, but they’re vital parts of a balanced diet and will always be on our shopping lists. To save a bit of cash, if you know someone who grows their own fruit and vegetables, why not offer to help them? You could also try taking a look at Facebook vegetable patch groups to see if anyone needs some assistance. They will likely have surplus they’d be happy to offload and will always welcome help with the labor.

37. Keep an eye out for events serving free food

If you have a keen eye, and a lack of shame, you might be able to eat for free by showing up to events in your local area. Store openings, festivals and markets all tend to offer free hors d’oeuvres and finger food to their guests. It’s simply a matter of talking your way into the party and then you can snack on as much delicious free food as you can manage. Feel free to take a look at the Food Reference website too, which lists food festivals by U.S. state.