40 Hilarious Photos Of People Who Found Their Doppelgangers In Unexpected Places

From time to time, we’ve all wondered if there is someone out there who looks exactly like us. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are more than 7.5 billion people on the planet. So, there must be a fair few duplicates, right? But the 40 people in this list didn’t discover their doppelganger’s out in the world. Instead, they found them in paintings hanging in art museums, on the packaging of wacky products and even on magazine covers!

40. A royal double

Prince George – firstborn son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – was cute as a button back in 2016. Little did he know, though, that there was another little tyke posing in a Walmart across the pond who was his twin. This boy’s godmother or godfather posted the striking resemblance on Reddit, and a stunned commenter believed he could be switched with George and no one would notice. Just look at the resemblance: they weren’t wrong!

39. Juno lookalike

The Hammer Museum in Los Angeles was the location for an incredible meeting of art and doppelganger in March 2019. A UCLA student named Chloe Hourdequin posted a brilliant photograph of herself standing in front of the Rembrandt painting Juno – mimicking the pose of the member of royalty depicted. It’s pretty uncanny, no?

38. An inflamed insult

This woman found her doppelganger in wall art in a bunch of pizza places and took a photograph of it for Instagram. She sort of insulted the person in the picture in the process, though. The user wrote, “See that picture in the background? That isn’t me… Also, if it were me, that makes a great before and after for reducing inflammation, right?” Ouch.

37. Sad-eyed Ross


In December 2019 comedian and barista Ross Flores made a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. He stood in front of the painting of a man he bears a strong resemblance to and subsequently received a bit of a toasting from his pals. One of them wrote on Instagram, “It’s uncanny how both of you have the same miserable eyes look.” Friends like these, eh?

36. Hair Love doppelganger

Brazilian journalist Gabi Coelho posted this photo to Twitter along with the message, “Whoever understands the impact of this photo understands everything.” The picture features a young girl – possibly her daughter – holding the Hair Love picture book by Matthew A. Cherry and Vashti Harrison. She looks exactly like Zuri – the little girl in the book – who feels like a superhero when her hair is in two puffs.

35. Real-life Carl Fredricksen


Up will forever be known as the Pixar movie that made everyone cry within the first 10 minutes. Seriously, though. Those opening scenes of Carl Fredricksen’s life with his beloved wife are super poignant. Yet luckily, sometimes life reminds you that real people can look like cartoon characters. And it’s hilarious – even if those imaginary figures make you ponder your own mortality.

34. My friend the Emperor Hadrian

Standing beside this broken bust of the ancient Roman Emperor Hadrian is his modern day spitting image. The resemblance is so close that his buddy – who posted the picture to Reddit in 2020 – captioned it, “My friend the Emperor Hadrian.” A handy Photoshop whizz then replied with a doctored picture – removing bits of the guy’s head to match the bust. And yes, it was unnerving.

33. A Shogun in Holland


It must be strange to be shopping in the Netherlands, only to find yourself on the packaging of a board game. For this Japanese man, it was surely like looking into an amusingly weird mirror. It actually looks like the Shogun warrior character from the game has time-traveled into the future.

32. All that and a bag of doppelganger chips

This one is seemingly another case of a person finding themselves emblazoned on the packaging of an item. This guy now knows that he is the doppelganger of the corporate logo of a brand of chips in Spain. As one Reddit commenter wrote, “He must think he’s all that,” which was closely followed by someone else posting, “And a bag of chips.” Brilliant.

31. Become the tree


Sometimes finding your doppelganger in unexpected places can involve inanimate objects. And this poor guy has found an exact double of the back of his head in a painting of a tree. As one commenter responding to the original Reddit post said, “Life imitates art – which is a nice way of saying that picture’s totally mocking you.”

30. Pharmacist Pharmacist

This one is a hilarious case of someone meeting their doppelganger while simply going about the course of a normal day. This Reddit user met his double when he went to get a flu shot from a pharmacist – only to find out one of the staffers there had his face. And beard. And haircut. And smile.

29. A candle for Jesus


“If my friend’s son lived in Mexico, he would be tripping over candles.” This is what a Reddit user wrote in 2014 when they posted a photograph of a young man who did, indeed, look super similar to a Mexican painting of Jesus Christ. A commenter wrote, “He should grow a beard, wear a robe and sandals and walk into a church during services.”

28. Sam Adams’ hair twin

Not every beer is named after a Founding Father of the United States. That is a prestigious honor reserved only for Samuel Adams Boston Lager, which was dubbed as such because generations of Adams’ family produced the malt needed to brew beer. Anyway, this is all simply a long-winded way of getting to the point. This Imgur user has a funny Sam Adams haircut that looks 200 years out of date.

27. A Berlin doppelganger


The Redditor in this 2020 picture somehow found herself in a painting in a Berlin museum. Referring to the instrument being played by the painting’s subject, one commenter wrote, “Wow! I’m so sad you didn’t have a wooden flute with you.” The original poster then replied, “One time I didn’t bring it with me!” Yep, this is a pretty funny response to such an inane comment. Kudos.

26. Lipnicki clones

Many of us who were watching movies in the 1990s will remember Jonathan Lipnicki. The bespectacled blonde boy who charmed audiences in Jerry Maguire and the Stuart Little franchise was the definition of cute nerdiness. The child in this Imgur picture is almost a clone of the kid in the supermarket advertisement behind him – yet both are doppelgangers of ’90s Lipnicki. Amazing.

25. A brush with internet fame


In 2013 an Imgur user found his twin while shopping in Poland. Sadly, his doppelganger was on the packaging for a unique product known as a “willy brush.” Yes, it’s exactly what you think it is. And no, we don’t know whether he bought it and used it on himself.

24. The Adoration of the Beards

Psoy Korolenko is the stage name of Russian musician Pavel Eduardovich Lion. He describes himself as “a youth philologist, akyn, bodysinger and modern skomorokh.” Yeah, we’re not really sure what that means either. But we do know that in December 2019 Korolenko took to Instagram after finding his double in a painting called The Adoration of the Magi. Their distinctive beards seem to match perfectly, don’t they?

23. Oh yes, that’s me on the wall losing my mind


Have you ever been in a bar and thought to yourself, “Boy, they’ve got some weird stuff on the walls in here?” Well, we certainly have. Though we can’t remember ever being confronted with a painting of ourselves looking one step away from succumbing to madness. And that’s exactly what happened to the friend of this Reddit user. I mean, yes, it’s funny. But it’s bound to have freaked him out a little.

22. Regular Ken meets Fashionista Ken

Sometimes we wonder what it would be like to be a famous actor whose on-screen character becomes an action figure. Seeing yourself moulded into six inches of plastic must be a trip. But this Reddit user’s husband Ken managed to get this giddy little thrill without being famous at all: he just found a “Fashionista” doll that looked exactly like him at HomeGoods. It was even called Ken already. Whoa.

21. Björklund lookalike


This lookalike was posted to Reddit in 2019, and not much is known about the young man in the picture. But we do know the painting was made by Benjamin Björklund – a Swedish prison night guard who later became an artist. Interestingly, he told the Silverlake Voice website that he wants his paintings to impact people the way music impacts him, but the differences in the mediums make that difficult.

20. Alaskan Dollpelganger

This Reddit user’s picture shows their daughter standing in front of the painting Alaskan Doll by Michelle Dunaway. And she looks really similar to the girl in the painting. We wonder if they brought their daughter back wearing a fur coat just to make the likeness even more exact!

19. Loco Local Joe


In January 2020 an Instagram user posted a great photo of himself standing next to a shop sign with his face on it. Or, at least, it darn sure looks like he posed for the artist to draw his winking visage. We hope he got a free meal from the good people of Loco Local Joe. It’s the least he deserves, right?

18. A dead ringer for Picasso

Under normal circumstances, saying someone resembled a character in a Pablo Picasso painting may be perceived as a joke. But not all of the legendary artists’ works were in the abstract cubist style he is predominantly known for. This painting – which takes pride of place in the Oskar-Reinhart Foundation Museum in Switzerland – is a much more traditional depiction of a human being.

17. Two bald dudes


In 2017 this Reddit user did the world a service when he posted this photo of a bald security guard in a stadium. It’s one of the silliest laughs we’ve had in ages, as we kept imagining him talking to the bald statue bust. What do you think they chatted about?

16. Train twinning

This Reddit post is an interesting one because it’s hard to tell whether or not it has been staged. Theoretically, the guy looking down in the foreground may have been in on the joke, but then he could also have been subtly snapped by a person standing on the train in front of him. Either way, it’s a great sight gag.

15. Thrift store twinsies


This Reddit user found a photograph on the wall of a thrift store that featured his perfect doppelganger so, naturally, he wanted to purchase said photo. But, as he told a fellow commenter, the store said it wasn’t for sale. Another user then exclaimed, “Even if it wasn’t initially for sale, how did they not look at you and realize you were meant to have it?”

14. A beardy counterpart

Beards are awesome – in our opinion, anyway. And the guy in this picture has one hell of a long, bushy mane. It’s almost as majestic as the beard sported by the massive woodsman statue he’s standing beside. One Reddit commenter then hit the nail on the head with, “That looks like every male in the Midwest aged between 22 and 38 years old.”

13. The Broken Pitcher ancestor


This woman must have thought she was looking at a painting of an ancestor or a parallel universe version of herself, because the likeness here is quite something. The painting is called The Broken Pitcher and it currently resides in the Legion of Honor museum in San Francisco. The gorgeous work was apparently painted in 1891 by the French artist William-Adolphe Bouguereau.

12. Dracula duplicate

This Imgur user had a fun time at an art museum when he found his friend’s doppelganger from the year 1572. Another posted offered an interesting theory, saying, “Your buddy is a vampire and trying to be suave about it.” Can you imagine if that was correct and this creature of the night’s true nature had been exposed?

11. Red tights twin


A Reddit user posted this picture in 2013 and then got in a funny discussion about it with a commenter who asked about the guy in the photo’s reaction. The original poster replied, “This was in the middle of the armor exhibit, so he was too preoccupied with pretending he was in Skyrim and had to pick his armor and weapons.” They then added, “He still doesn’t see it,” which is crazy.

10. Samurai time traveler

We’ll let the original Reddit poster explain this one, as they did a funnier job than we ever could. The user wrote, “So, I found a picture of myself dressed as a samurai 111 years ago at The Met. Apparently, I was a collector of samurai armor. I’ve drunk a lot since then, so I don’t really recall, but it’s totally plausible that it’s me.” Maybe he’s been time traveling and just doesn’t know it yet?

9. The 10-inch voice conundrum


This photo is amusing, but the poster’s explanation of their bizarre post title is even better. One commenter asked them to explain the title, which was, “We lost our 10-inch voices.” The poster replied, “Paintings can be found in museums where it is respectable to keep a low voice like a library. When we noticed the ridiculousness of the picture next to my friend, we lost our 10-inch voices and erupted in laughter.” Um… what?

8. Dato at the double

Íñigo Melchor de Velasco was a Spanish nobleman who served as governor-general of the Spanish Netherlands for two years from 1668. And a painting of him by the artist Murillo hangs in the famed Louvre museum in Paris, France. In 2016 an Imgur user visited the museum and was shocked to discover he was Íñigo’s double – with both of them sharing the same long, lustrous dark hair.

7. Face/Off: Museum Edition


This great picture was posted to Twitter back in 2015 through an account run by a now-defunct website named Melbourneer. We have no idea who the guy in the photo is, but we do know that he found his identical twin from history in a painting hanging in a Zurich art museum. It’s Face/Off: Museum Edition.

6. A real hair pair

One of our favorite things about seeing people find their doppelganger’s in museum paintings is that it reminds us that modern haircuts often aren’t that different to those from centuries past. Take this guy, for instance. His long, wavy mane looks great to us, but it was also rocked by the important-looking fella in the painting. Stephen King had it right when he wrote, “Sooner or later, everything old is new again.”

5. Duffin doppelganger


The Norton Simon Museum in the Californian city of Pasadena played host to this meeting of a retired music professor and his twin from the 17th century. A Twitter user posted his brilliant photo along with the caption, “Forgot my helmet!” The painting in question is by Dutch artist Jan van Bijlert and is entitled Man in Armor Holding a Pike. Snappy title.

4. El Cid clone

Finding out you look like someone from a painting in a museum must be pretty fun. And that’s especially so if the historical figure in the painting is someone important. Well, this guy hit the jackpot when he realized he was the modern day twin of El Cid – the legendary Spanish military leader who died in 1099. El Cid was also known as “El Campeador,” which translates as “the Champion.” Not a bad doppelganger at all, wouldn’t you say?

3. Immortal Al


“Weird Al” Yankovic is the undisputed king of parody songs. From his debut in the ’80s to the modern day, he has recorded genuinely hilarious parody versions of huge pop, rock and rap hits. His look – with long curly hair and high cheek bones – has become iconic. When he visited the Louvre, though, he found out that he’s not a total original. Or maybe he’s immortal and his knowing grin in the photo is clueing us in?

2. Trento twin

When this Facebook user visited the Science Museum of Trento in Italy, he found his son’s twin in one of the displays. His boy looks so much like the waxwork figure facially that it’s hard to believe he didn’t actually pose for the sculptor! We love how the young boy seems to be finding the experience funny. Indeed, judging by the grin he’s struggling to keep at bay in the photo. Doppelgangers – fun for the whole family.

1. Astronaut imposter


A Reddit user posted this photo in 2020, although there was a question as to whether she was really the girl in the picture. Some sleuths on the platform questioned her, which led the original poster to share a photograph of herself. Though the same shot of her next to the astronaut painting was also posted to Imgur in 2016, so it’s all a bit of an internet mystery.