Jennifer Aniston Revealed That She Performs Goddess Circle Rituals With Her Best Friends

One of the world’s most famous faces, Jennifer Aniston is instantly recognizable. Whether from Friends, Office Space or any glossy magazine you care to name, the star’s celebrity is, surely, universal. But despite her fame, there’s still plenty about the actor we’ve yet to learn. For instance, did you know that she takes part in a Goddess Circle? Neither did we until September 2019.

When she spilled the beans, Aniston was promoting The Morning Show, which she both stars in and produces. During an interview with the New York Times, she told a story about a recent trip that almost ended in disaster. And it was this tale that contained the incredible Goddess Circle revelations.

Earlier in 2019, Aniston and a group of her girlfriends had planned a trip to Mexico. A get-together meant to mark the actor’s 50th birthday, the women boarded the plane and settled into their journey. Not long after take-off, however, the pilot made a startling discovery. And they had to let the passengers know immediately.

The pilot then told Aniston that the plane had somehow lost a tire. And that meant they had to head back to Los Angeles immediately to attempt a landing. There was, however, a slight catch. As they couldn’t land with full fuel tanks, there would be a period of flying around to burn off the excess gas. And for the star, this situation was doubly terrifying.

Aniston, like many people, has a phobia of flying. She’s reportedly terrified by it. So spending hours, not just on a plane, but one that might also crash-land due to it’s missing tire probably wasn’t a lot of fun. Neither, we imagine, were the internet reports of the “emergency landing” she’d supposed to have endured - published while they were still in the air.