40 Coca-Cola Hacks That Sound Insane But Are Actually Genius

To say that people like Coca-Cola would be a massive understatement. Because the company sells almost 2 billion servings of its soda every single day. But next time you crack open a cold can of Coke, remember that the famous drink does more than just taste good. Take these 40 hacks as proof that the beloved beverage can help you in your home, garden, beauty routine and more.

40. Prevent cocktails from watering down

Serving a cocktail on the rocks is great – until the ice starts to melt and dilutes your mixture. But you can avoid such an inconvenience with this Coke hack. Pour the soda into an ice tray, freeze it, then add the cola cubes to your beverage of choice. As they melt, they’ll just add Coke flavor – a favorable alternative to ice cubes that water down your drink.

39. Separate egg yolks and whites

Have an empty plastic Coke bottle on hand? If so, you can use it to help you separate egg yolks and whites in a flash. First, cut the neck off the bottle, then use a razor to carve a hole into the bottle cap. Then place the detached neck cap-side down into the lower half of the bottle. Crack your egg through the funnel – the white will slide through the lid opening, while the yolk will stay intact on top.

38. Help grass grow greener

Some people avoid drinking Coca-Cola because of its sugar content. But there’s one living thing (apart from the millions of fans of course) that will appreciate all that sweetness: your lawn. Some say that pouring the soda over your grass can make it grow thicker and greener as it feeds off of the sugar. Winning!

37. Unblock your drain


Harness the fizzy power of Coca-Cola to help you unclog a stubborn drain. All you have to do is pour the soda down the sink in question – two cans should do the trick. Leave it to sit for a half-hour, then pour a pot of boiling water down the same pipe. After five more minutes, the soda-hot water combination will have pushed out the offending debris, allowing your drain to work properly again.

36. Swap out shampoo and conditioner

Coca-Cola’s ingredient list includes phosphoric acid, an additive with low pH levels. So if you rinse your hair with soda – foregoing shampoo and conditioner – this compound constricts hair cuticles, which leaves them more polished. Meanwhile, the sugar left behind can add volume to your tresses.

35. Whip up some chicken wings


A Coca-Cola cooking trend swept across Asia in the 1990s, and guess what? It’s still just as tasty today. We’re talking about Coke-glazed chicken wings, which you can easily whip up in a wok. The simple recipe contains common ingredients including soy sauce, orange peel, ginger and a cinnamon stick. Altogether, it produces a sticky Coke-glazed basket of wings for you to nosh on during the next big game.

34. Remove corrosion from car batteries

The car repair experts at Meineke have let the public in on a little secret: Coke can clear away corrosion on our car batteries. Disconnect the battery first before pouring the fizzy drink over it. Then, rinse away the soda, reconnect it to your car and get going with a clean, corrosion-free power source.

33. Whiten dirty grout


Coke has the power to whisk away more than just corrosion. The brown-hued beverage can also whiten the grout between tiles to make it look as good as new. You can even twist a spray bottle cap into a plastic bottle of Coca-Cola and mist it over your tiles (just don’t lick it off, even if tempting). Leave the soda to sit for a few minutes before wiping it and all of that grime away.

32. Soothe a jellyfish or bee sting

We all love being outside in summertime – that is, until the bees show up. The same goes for a beach vacation, but it’s jellyfish that are the problem there. Both creatures defend themselves – and hurt you – by stinging. If you get stung, you can soothe the ache by pouring some Coke over the area, and you’ll feel instant relief.

31. Calm a sore throat


Your first instinct probably isn’t to drink Coca-Cola when your throat hurts. But if you heat it on the stove with some slices of lemon and fresh ginger, you have yourself a warm, sweet and, most importantly, soothing beverage to sip on. It’s a popular recipe in Hong Kong for that reason.

30. Erase grease stains from concrete

Your car will inevitably dribble a bit of grease onto the driveway. And you could spend hours scrubbing away the oil stain with all of the elbow grease you have. Or you could let Coke do the legwork. Pour some over the offending stain, let it settle and then leave it to sit overnight. Wash the soda and grease away with a hose and voila.

29. Stop a headache in its tracks


Everyone deals with headaches, and some of us get them – or worse yet, migraines – on a regular basis. If you feel one coming on, crack open the fridge and reach for a Coca-Cola. The soda contains caffeine, which can help your brain fight off headaches in the nick of time.

28. Clean smudged glasses lenses

Glasses wearers know that removing smudges from their lenses is a task easier said than done. Coca-Cola can come to your rescue here. Simply pour some soda over both sides of your lenses, rub it in, then rinse it off with clean water. Wipe your glasses dry and slip them on – you can see clearly now.

27. Extinguish a fire


You’ve been told your whole life that you shouldn’t shake up your bottle of soda. But you can use the fizziness to your advantage if you need to put out a fire quickly. Shake up a container of Coke, then let the carbonation and bubbles erupt onto the fire. It will extinguish the flames fast – crisis averted.

26. Remove rust

We’ll touch on the merits of Coke’s phosphoric acid many times on this list. In this case, it works to corrode rust. Pour a bit of the soda over an aging car bumper, or soak your old tools in a cup of cola. Either way, it will help lift away rust and restore shine to all of your metallic wares.

25. Restore shine to old coins


Yes, you can refresh old coins with a bit of Coca-Cola. Fill a cup with soda, then drop any tarnished bits into the liquid. After about 15 minutes, you can empty the cup and rinse your coins. Plus the Coke soak should have eaten away the dirt – a great resource if you collect and sell these pieces.

24. Wipe away paint drips

Any DIY-er knows that drips can spell disaster for an otherwise perfect paint job. Luckily, you can remove excess paint with a bit of Coca-Cola. Start by dipping a towel into the soda. Then, press it to the unwanted paint and repeat until it begins to warp. Once you’ve compromised the drip, you can scrape it away without hassle.

23. Make old jewelry look new again


Old or forgotten pieces of jewelry can tarnish over time – and no one wants to wear a dingy piece of silver or gold. So bring your baubles back to life with an overnight bath in a cup full of Coke. In the morning the soda will have loosened all of that gunk so you can quickly wipe it away and restore shine to your accessories.

22. Give photos an antique look

You could Photoshop and reprint your favorite pictures so they take on a sepia tone. Or, you could soak them in Coke for 20 minutes. Then hang them to dry and watch as they transform from traditional color images into old-timey photos that make the perfect gift or addition to your gallery wall.

21. De-grease pots and pans


Anyone who has ever baked lasagna or fried chicken knows how tough the cleanup can be. But you can let Coke do the legwork next time. Pour some soda into your casserole dish and let it sit for a half-hour to get a head start on stuck-on foods.

20. Settle an upset stomach

It may seem counterintuitive that a fizzy beverage can calm an upset stomach – and when it comes to Coke, you’re right. But if you sip a teaspoon of flat cola at room temperature hourly, it can help calm nausea, heartburn and other tummy troubles. If you don’t have any flat soda on hand, sprinkle in some sugar to deflate the bubbles quickly.

19. Neutralize blood stains


Coca-Cola can help lift away stubborn stains, including blood (please don’t read on, though, if the blood didn’t get there by accident). You can either pre-treat the garment with a splash of Coke over the affected area. Or you can add the soda into your washing machine along with detergent. Either way, you’ll need to put your item through a wash cycle to remove and clean the stain.

18. Pull up marker stains from carpet and clothes

You might think that Coke would cause carpet stains of its own. But you can pour a bit of it over marker stains on your rugs or even your clothes. Let it sit for a few minutes while the carbonated beverage works its magic. Then scrub away the soda and stain with soap and water.

17. Clean a burnt pan


Not all of us are good cooks – not all of us are even average cooks. But if you’ve burnt your supper, there’s no need to scrub your pan in shame. Instead, cover the overbaked areas with Coke – pour in enough to submerge the scorched bits in two to three inches of soda. Then, fire up the hob and let your pan cook until the burnt parts loosen up.

16. Bake the perfect chocolate cake

If you think about it, Coca Cola makes the perfect addition to a baked item for all of its sweetness. A quick Google search will pair you with a chocolate cake recipe that incorporates soda into both the batter and the frosting. You’ll pour the warm frosting mix over the fresh-out-of-the-oven cake, too, so it seeps in and makes it even tastier.

15. Un-stick gum


For all of its stickiness, Coca-Cola is great at removing stuck-on gum from hard surfaces, such as your shoes. Pour the soda over it and then pluck it off with a tissue. You can also use Coke to clean gum from your hair. A five-minute soak in the carbonated beverage should get rid of it – no scissors required.

14. Neutralize skunk odor

An adventurous pup might cross paths with a skunk – and they’re likely to walk away stinking from such an ordeal. It’s tough to neutralize the scent that skunks spray, but you can do it with Coke. In fact, emptying a can of the soda over your pooch can kill the smell faster than traditional soap.

13. Prep a pecan pie


Pour a bottle of Coke into a saucepan, let it simmer over high heat and see what happens. Spoiler alert: the soda becomes a thick, syrupy reduction that mimics the consistency and sweetness of corn syrup. Better yet, it makes the perfect addition to a pecan pie – and plenty of recipes will instruct you to use it because of this.

12. Fight garden pests

Coke makes a great pesticide, albeit an unexpected one. Pour some into a bowl and leave it out to eliminate snails and slugs – the acid in the bubbly beverage will kill them. Farmers in India have long harnessed the power of Coca-Cola to ward off insects in a roundabout way: the soda’s sweetness attracts red ants, which other pests dislike and avoid.

11. Fertilize (some of) your plants


Not all plants will appreciate a Coke-based feeding. But if you have azaleas or gardenias in your garden, they’ll lap up the soda and flourish thanks to its slightly acidic nature. Just pour a bit of soda at the plant’s base to feed the plant and the microorganisms dwelling in the soil, too.

10. Plump lips with homemade balm

You probably have all three of the ingredients necessary to make your own lip balm. Mix a spoonful each of Vaseline and coconut oil with a capful of Coke. Microwave the three ingredients, and then pour them into an empty chapstick tube. Pop that into the freezer until it hardens into a nourishing, sweet-tasting balm.

9. De-ice a windshield


Your car probably has a built-in defrosting feature for the windshield. But that won’t be powerful enough to remove the ice that forms in winter. Rather than digging into it – and expending lots of energy in the process – you can pour a bit of Coke over the glass to help loosen up the ice. Then, scrape away any lingering shards before driving off.

8. Build a fruit fly trap

Your plastic Coke bottle has more to offer you than just the drink inside. Cut off the neck, then remove the cap and place it face down into the bottle’s bottom. Then pour a little bit of soda into the base of the trap. This will attract flies to trek into the funnel to get to the sugary stuff. But once they get down and try landing for a drink, they’ll get stuck in the liquid.

7. Bring the toilet to a shine


Again, this hack is all thanks to Coke’s acidity levels. Pour the soda into your toilet at its edge and let it drip down into the bowl. You should then let it soak overnight to work its magic. In the morning you’ll wake up to a sparkling clean commode – no brushing or bleach required.

6. Reverse an intense dye job

We’ve all left the salon unhappy before, but it’s pretty uncommon that you can go home and fix a bad dye job. But if the color’s too dark or bright, you have a resource – a Coke hair mask, which you’ll leave in for just five minutes. Then rinse it out, and the soda should take some of the excess color with it.

5. Make chrome shiny again


If chrome on your car or in your bathroom has lost its luster, Coke can help it shine again. Just pour some soda over the dingy surface in question, and then scrub it with a piece of aluminum foil. Rinse away all of the dirt with warm water before wiping it dry, and you’ll have some seriously sparkling metal. You’re welcome.

4. Tenderize meat in no time

Once again, we’re talking about Coca-Cola’s high acidity levels but, this time, it’s not to help you clean – it’s to make you a better cook. Specifically, you can pour Coke over a cut of meat, and the acids will tenderize it in a mere 30 minutes. Now, if you want something that falls off the bone, you can use soda for that, too – just let it sit for 24 hours.

3. Clean your windows


A quick skim through Coke’s ingredients will reveal that it contains citric acid, which makes a surprisingly effective glass cleaner. So dip a cloth into Coke and scour streaked windows with soda. Then follow up with a water rinse just to remove any sugary residue. And with that you’ll have clear windows once again.

2. Descale your kettle

Over time your kettle might gather a layer of limescale inside of it – and you don’t want that breaking off and falling into your teacup. So descale it by boiling a can of Coke inside. When the cycle’s finished, dump out the soda and rinse the pot. It should be a lot cleaner than it was pre-cola treatment.

1. Caramelize bacon


Let’s finish on the highest of all possible notes: bacon. You can make your breakfast meat even tastier with the help of Coke. Marinate your strips for a half-hour, then cook your bacon as usual. The sweetness of the soda will help caramelize your meat – which, somehow, makes it taste even better than usual.