Marriage Laws In America That Most Couples Are Probably Breaking

Getting married is the happiest moment of many people’s lives, but some fiancés find themselves surprised by all the red tape involved. There’s a lot more to weddings than simply saying, “I do.” Depending on what state you live in, the rules might be totally absurd. While many of these policies haven’t been enforced in ages, others could catch you by surprise. 


Ever hear of a prenuptial agreement? Any Bama boys are gonna want to get one of those, as the default divorce agreement only protects wives' ability to retain pre-marital possessions. Husbands have the potential to lose everything!


Here's some great news for anyone who, perhaps because of the desert heat, wants to marry their first cousin. It's totally legal in Arizona, as long as you're both over 65 or you are physically unable to reproduce.


Luckily, not all crazy marriage laws last forever. In 2007, a legal slip-up briefly removed the minimum age for weddings in Arkansas, meaning that even the youngest of children could wed with parental consent. Lawmakers were quick to amend this loophole.


Here's some great news for anyone who's ever had the hots for famous fictional uncles, whether it's Buck, Fester, or Benjen Stark. The Nutmeg State allows marriage between nieces and uncles, provided the relationship isn't full-blooded.