Google Revealed The Most Pup-ular Dog Breeds In Each U.S. State

One look at the American Kennel Club’s “most popular dogs” list will tell you that labrador retrievers are the country’s number-one dog of choice. And not just in 2020. That particular breed has held the top spot in America for 29 years straight! But the AKC list doesn’t give you the whole picture. For one thing, it only takes into account dog breeds that it officially recognizes. The poll is also based on the amount of those canines registered in the U.S.A. That’s why we decided to dig a little deeper.

For our list, then, we analyzed the past 12 months’ worth of Google Trends data for each state – as laid out on December 1, 2020. The “Top Search Topics” metric told us which dog breeds were the most popular for each state. Then the “Top Search Query” metric revealed which dogs people were searching for more than ever before. Sure, the usual suspects make multiple appearances. Though many states were actually looking for much more surprising – and not AKC-approved – pups than you’d probably ever imagined. So, without further ado, here are the best-loved dogs in your state!


The mighty German shepherd is the AKC’s second-most-popular dog breed – and with good reason. These pooches are faithful, intelligent and they look totally awesome. They’re also Alabama’s favorite doggo. Yet Google Trends shows that German shorthaired pointers were 400 percent more popular in 2020, too. So watch your backs, German shepherds; there could soon be a new pup in town.


When we think of Alaska, the first word that might come to mind is “cold.” So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the most-loved dog in the 49th state was the German shepherd. But what is surprising is that Alaskans searched a lot for corgis this past year. Maybe it’s because the latter breed are supposed to be loving pooches. And you certainly need that when the weather turns chilly!


The top dog breed search topic here in 2020 was the terrier. Yet when you consider the results of Arizona’s other search queries, the state’s residents reveal an interesting story. That’s because the coonhound and the caucasian shepherd dog have both proven incredibly popular. And what do those doggos have in common? Well, they’re supposed to be brave and loyal.