Sailor Learns His Wife Kept A Dark Secret From Him During Deployment

Though the global telecoms of today have made communication possible from nearly anywhere, there are still those — such as the men and women of our military — whose ability to interact with friends and loved ones is hampered by their duty. While this distance can often strengthen and solidify relationships, it can also destroy them.

When one U.S. Navy man suspected that his wife was hiding something big from him, she was able to use their lack of communication to her advantage. But the moment he returned home, this sailor received news that turned his world upside down.

Military men and women are often required to make the difficult sacrifice of being away from their families for months — or even years — at a time. But while being away from those you love is hard enough as it is, it becomes even harder when you discover you're being lied to.

For Navy Seaman Chris Daugherty, his six-month deployment aboard the USS Carl Vinson proved more difficult than imagined when calls home to his wife Natasha left him feeling like there was something she wasn't telling him. Given their history, this wasn't an unfounded fear for Chris...

After his second overseas deployment in 2009, Chris returned home to San Diego, California, thrilled to finally spend some quality time with Natasha and their young son. What he found instead was every military man's nightmare.

The entire house was empty, with no sign of his wife or child anywhere. As he'd soon find out, Natasha apparently had enough of waiting around on her own for her husband.