Designers Sneak Hidden Details Into Their Clothes – And You Can Use Them To Spot A Fake

Thanks to improved technology and manufacturing, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to spot fake designer items. But guess what? There are ways to pick out the imitations – and we’re about to share some of them with you. So, strap yourselves in folks. From Burberry scarves to Louis Vuitton handbags, here are the hidden details to look out for with your favorite brands.

40. Guess watches

Looking to pick up a genuine Guess watch? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. The real items have wristbands that consist of leather, metal or silicone, according to Bright Side. If it’s fake, you might notice scuffs, splits or an unpleasant scent. On top of that, keep your eye on the back as well. A proper Guess apparently has “Japan Mov’t” carved into it.

39. Hermès handbags

At first glance, it might seem impossible to spot the variations between a real and fake Hermès handbag. But there is a way! The website Racked notes that you should look at the imprint near the upper section. If it’s just below the seams and blends into the material, then the product is genuine. Knock offs will be closer to the center with clearer text.

38. Victoria’s Secret bathing suits

Turns out that spotting a fake Victoria’s Secret bathing suit is easier than you might think! Bright Side claims that the real products are double weaved, which means they’ve got two layers of material. Plus, the tags will be a dead giveaway, too. Authentic bikinis always have white, pink, clear or black labels, and the sizes will range from extra small to extra large. Counterfeits apparently just cover small to large.

37. Ray-Ban glasses

Ray-Ban glasses are pretty cool, right? But what separates the real thing and a fake? Well, quite a bit actually! To begin with, look at the cover it comes in. According to Bright Side, the front button should have the brand’s name engraved into it. And there’ll be an imprint to its left. As for the shades, keep your eyes on the right side. Genuine Ray-Bans reportedly all include an “RB” inscription on the glass.