20 Incredible Transformations That Prove The Makeover Guy Really Does Work Wonders

Christopher Hopkins – better known to all as The Makeover Guy – has developed quite the reputation down the years. That’s because the flamboyant stylist has drastically revamped the appearances of countless women at his famous salon. So while these 20 females arrived at Hopkins’ boutique stuck in a rut, they left with the most fabulous style imaginable. Seriously, you’re not going to believe your eyes!

20. Mamie: before

Mamie is a resident of Moorhead, Minnesota, and she arrives at The Makeover Guy’s studio with long, grayish hair. But she has a clear goal in mind. Speaking in a video on Hopkins’ YouTube channel, she reveals, “I would like something that I can change, I don’t want to be stuck with one look. I’m turning 60 and thought I needed something extra.”


So what did Mamie have done? Well, after The Makeover Guy works his magic, her locks are much shorter. She’s also fully embraced the gray look, and Hopkins has applied some makeup. In short, Mamie looks great! She explains in the video, “I feel like a new person.”

19. Heidi: before

With four kids, ten grandkids and three great-grandchildren, Heidi had her hands full before traveling to Hopkins’ salon. But even so, she makes a frank admission on the beauty expert’s YouTube channel. Sporting blonde hair that rests on her shoulders, the grandmother notes, “I’ve kind of ignored myself.”


The Makeover Guy certainly didn’t ignore Heidi, though. He trims her locks and gives the ends curls. Heidi also now rocks a new mousy blonde shade. Funnily enough, Heidi had tried to dye her own hair before – but the results left her looking... well, not so hot. Heidi explains, “[Now] I look likable, and I don’t look homeless!”